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The attorneys at Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, LLLC bring together over 50 years of experience in civil rights matters, employment law, whistleblower protection and police misconduct cases. Fujiwara & Rosenbaum, LLLC offers passionate dedication to their clients using the law as a means of achieving justice. Our practice is unified by our commitment to serving the public interest by holding powerful institutions accountable for unlawful practices. Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, LLLC represents individuals employees and employees in class actions against employers who have violated one or several of the many Federal and Hawaii State civil rights laws. As zealous advocates for their clients, Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, LLLC seek to enforce the rights of the individual against their often times more powerful and wealthy public and private employers.

Justice . Equality . Trust

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Mr. Rosenbaum has represented me multiple times. He’s now my lifetime lawyer. He took my case when multiple other lawyers told me no. He listened to me, heard my story, saw my evidence and knew we had a good case. When he said he would work for me on contingency it was a lifesaver. My case was a whistleblower case against my former employer and after a long and stressful battle, we prevailed, just as Mr. Rosenbaum thought we would all along.

He tempered my nerves and anxiety all the way through and gave very practical advice in order to keep me from going off the rails.

I’ll never forget him and the job he and his staff did for me. If you need a great lawyer that isn’t old and pompous and is very down to earth, don’t hesitate to contact Joseph Rosenbaum.

Michael Hardie

Joseph Rosenbaum represented me in a case that was the result of one of the most difficult events in my life. Not only did he do an outstanding job as my attorney, but he kept a team of people connected, informed, and collaborative in a complex and multi-faceted trial. He is a force to be reckoned with in a courtroom and is only just beginning to make his mark on our justice system. Joe gets 5 stars for being a top notch attorney, but he gets an extra star for his kind, caring and compassionate care of me, on a personal level, as his client. He has restored my faith in always doing the right thing and defies every cliche about attorneys. If you need an attorney who will stand out against all others and stand up to the biggest corporate giants, Joe will be your man.

Denise Kelly

Practice Areas

Civil Rights

In Hawaii, the civil rights and employment lawyers at Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, LLLC have successfully fought for victims of employment discrimination and other civil rights violations.

Police Misconduct

When a violation takes place, both the specific officer and the department or company can be responsible in civil and criminal courts for the misbehavior. A person who has had their constitutional rights broke as well as has actually been denied of their flexibility as well as freedom by cops misbehavior, could as well as should seek justice in the form of a civil fit which can lead to financial compensation as well as restitution.

Whistleblower Protection

Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, LLC represents whistleblowers against those who violate state and federal laws which prohibit whistleblower retaliation.  We will work zealously to protect those who are brave enough to stand up for what is right. Our office is committed to helping those who whistle-blow for the benefit of themselves, their co-workers and society.

Employment Discrimination

At Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, we have dealt with thousands of employment discrimination cases in Honolulu Hawaii. Using both federal and state anti-discrimination laws, Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, LLLC, represents individuals fighting unlawful discrimination that adversely impacts their employment, business, or financial circumstances.

Personal Injury

Unexpected injuries cause chaos in all areas of your life. The attorneys at Fujiwara and Rosenbaum win compensation for all types of losses resulting from car accidents, slips, falls and house fires. You deserve to recover your losses for injuries that aren’t your fault.

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Our Partners

Elizabeth Fujiwara

Elizabeth Fujiwara

Sexual Harassment Mediation and Litigation Attorney, Employee Rights, Civil Rights, Labor Law, Intellectual Property, Neutral Fact-Finder in Employment, Matters Entertainment Representation, and Contract Negotiation.

Joseph Rosenbaum

Joseph Rosenbaum

Civil Rights Labor and Employment Federal Sector Employment Criminal Defense, Whistleblower Protection, Personal Injury Attorney, Medical Whistleblowers, and Medical Marijuana Cases.

Marco Bendaña

Marco Bendaña

Marcos Bendaña has been an Associate with Fujiwara & Rosenbaum, LLLC since 2019. His focus is in the areas of employment law, discrimination, civil rights, whistleblower retaliation, and wrongful termination in violation of public policy.

From Our Clients

“I met Joseph thanks to an unfortunate need with an employer issue. He was by far one of the best lawyers I have ever had to deal with on either side of the employment spectrum. I highly recommend him and his team for any legal advice you may need.”

Thomas Pirog

“I reached out to Fujiwara and Rosenbaum when my employer promised me yet refused to pay for my health insurance when it was required under Hawai’i law. The employer knew that I was taking the job for insurance specifically. I complained and was wrongfully terminated. Joseph Rosenbaum at Fujiwara and Rosenbaum in Honolulu help me rectify this situation. Mr. Rosenbaum went up against one of the top corporate employment attorneys in Honolulu and the case proceeded to resolution with Mr. Rosenbaum winning at the hearing. He provided effective representation and his ethical standard is beyond reproach. I would recommend him to anyone trying to find a competent and passionate civil rights attorney.”

Wendell Hayes

“I had Mr. Rosenbaum represent me in court. We went to trial and Mr.Rosenbaum didnt even have to put me on the stand. Mr. Rosenbaum pointed out to the court that the prosecutor did not get sufficient facts on the record and did not meet its burden. As such the judge dismissed my case even before it was our turn to put on our case. I would recommend Mr. Rosenbaum for any person needing a trial attorney.”

G Freeman

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