Students’ activism well worth pride

Who knew that it would take high school students to wake up this nation (“Across the nation, masses call for an end to gun violence,” Star-Advertiser, March 15)?

I am so very proud. My 14-year-old granddaughter, who attends SOTA, the San Francisco performing arts school, participated in the walkout. Even though she is an “A” student, she didn’t care that she would be marked with an unexcused absence.

The walkout was very organized. The SOTA students first did a mass calling to Congress. My granddaughter was able to speak and argue with U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas, trying her best to convince him of the merits of gun control. Apparently, she aggravated him enough that, hopefully, he is considering some of her points.

Afterward, the SOTA students marched from City Hall to Ghirardelli Square.

With this type of massive action by high school students throughout the country, including our Hawaii students, I believe America will be smart again!

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