Personal Injury Lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii

Unexpected injuries cause chaos in all areas of your life. The attorneys at Fujiwara and Rosenbaum win compensation for all types of losses resulting from car accidents, slips, falls and house fires. You deserve to recover your losses for injuries that aren’t your fault. Whether you suffer psychological or physical injury, our expert Honolulu personal injury lawyers provide you with a personalized legal strategy. 

We win the best possible results for our clients, so that you focus on your recovery. We handle your case from start to finish – gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies and advocacy in court hearings. Choosing the right lawyer is the only way to make sure you receive the compensation that you deserve. 

Car Accident Injury Lawyer 

Thousands of car accidents take place in Honolulu, Hawaii every single year. Unfortunately, the injuries caused by car accidents are often serious – they can even be life changing.  Sadly, even if you are the most careful driver yourself, there is nothing you can do to control other people. 

Car accidents send people into shock. Working with a personal injury lawyer ensures that a safe pair of hands is taking care of your case, and that nothing gets missed.  Many people do not realize the severity of injuries like whiplash until after the event. By this time, it could be too late to show a direct cause between the accident and your injuries. You could miss out on the maximum amount of compensation if your case is not prepared carefully, right from the time the car accident takes place. 

Recover Compensation After a House Fire 

House fires are devastating – they destroy every aspect of your life. Some people never recover fully, with common injuries from fire including disfigurement, scarring and respiratory failure. The toll that a house fire takes on mental health is also exhausting. The loss of irreplaceable personal items such as photos, certificates and keepsakes is heartbreaking. 

Our expert personal injury lawyers understand what you need during the most difficult times. You do not want to be interviewed by various different professionals who ask you to repeat the same story over again. We will ensure that your personal injury case is dealt with efficiently so that there really is nothing else that you need to worry about. 

Premises Liability Lawyers 

When you leave your own home, you expect to be treated with the same care and consideration as you would offer to visitors yourself. Sadly some property owners are negligent in their duties to keep their premises safe and secure. Suffering a slip or fall, or a more severe injury, may result in a large hospital bill and lost ability to earn income. If the accident was not your fault, you should not have to pay for someone else’s negligence. 

As expert attorneys in premises liability, we are passionate about ensuring you are never out of pocket. We will help you collect all of the evidence required by Hawaii law to prove who was at fault and organize your case in a way to maximize your compensation. 

There are also a multitude of federal whistleblower statutes that protect workers from retaliation for reporting everything from fraud against the federal government to workplace safety violations. Fujiwara and Rosenbaum, LLC represents whistleblowers against those who violate state and federal laws which prohibit whistleblower retaliation.  We will work zealously to protect those who are brave enough to stand up for what is right. Our office is committed to helping those who whistle-blow for the benefit of themselves, their co-workers and society.”