Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara Honored for Success in the Law

Afs. Fujiwara handles civil rights. employment discrimination and labor cases at Fujiwara & Rosenbaum HONOLULU, HAWAII, March 14, 2014. Elizabeth Jubin Fujiwara, Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Attorney and Senior Partner of Fujiwara & Rosenbaum, LLLC, has just been selected for a Lawyer Monthly Women in Law 2014 award “in recognition of your work in the Labour and Employment sector.” The candidates for this prestigious award are from across the globe.

About the awards

Following the success of their long established Legal Awards and Leading Lawyer 250 and in response to readership feedback Lawyer Monthly was pleased to announce the first  annual Women  in Law Awards.  The  Lawyer  Monthly  Women  in  Law  Awards  celebrate   and highlight the achievements of womeninthe legal profession across the globe. The criteria for receiving the Lawyer Monthly Women in Law is quite extensive.

Selection process

To ensure fairness and accuracy Lawyer Monthly’ s research department worked to a point based evaluation system which was applied to each person shortlisted for entry. One point was awarded for each of the criteria below:

  1. Votes received from Lawyer Monthly readers.


  1. Amount of documented activity in 2013 when compared to industry peers
  1. Previous accolades and entries within the international legal guides


4.  Size (Dollar value) of involvement within transactions, deals & cases (where relevant)

  1. Involvement in significant legal cases and legal activity


  1. Peer recognition and personal achievement


This extensive research was undertaken by the Lawyer Monthly research team from l”January
2014 to 28th February 2014.

Earlier this year Ms. Fujiwara was also recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence inhere profession.

Ms. Fujiwara has 30 years of experience in the law, with a specialty in civil rights, employment discrimination and labor. Her duties include overseeing overall operations of the firm; managing  new client development, litigation; negotiation; trial supervision and trial preparation. In the future,  she expects continued expansion in her career.

Besides hard work and determination Ms. Fujiwara attributes her success to growing up in the Deep South in New Orleans and seeing and knowing what discrimination was for African-Americans as well as women. Ms. Fujiwara began her  own law firm in 1986, which is regarded by some to have been the vanguard for employment law in Hawaii. She has served as a senior trial attorney for the EEOC in Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. She has worked as a law clerk for Judge Walter Hen of the Intermediate Court of Appeals, Hawaii.

Ms. Fujiwara has earned bar admissions from Hawaii, Colorado, the U.S. District  Court  District  of Hawaii and the U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit. She earned a JD from the University of Hawai’i, William S. Richardson  School of Law and was on law review from 1982-1983. She also holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Hawai’i School of Social Work (1971) and a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Loyola University (1967). Additionally, she holds  certificates  in   comprehensive mediation training from the Professional Mediation Associates and in arbitration.

In recognition of all her achievements, Ms. Fujiwara was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding. She also maintained affiliations as the founder  and president of the National Employment Lawyers Association of Hawaii from 1993 to 1996; the national chair of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Employment Section, from 1997 to 1998; and the national officer of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Employment Section, from 1992 to 1997. She has also been named the Outstanding Woman Lawyer of Hawaii for the entire state.

Fujiwara & Rosenbaum, LLLC, is a law firm with. areas of practice in sexual harassment mediation and litigation, employee rights, civil rights, labor Jaw, intellectual property, neutral fact-fading in employment matters, entertainment representation and contract negotiation.

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