Letter of Reference from Sean Kim

Sean Kim:

I would like to highly recommend Ms. Elizabeth Fujiwara for your consideration as an arbitrator. I have known and worked with Ms. Fujiwara over the past twenty (20) years and I have always been impressed by her legal skills and abilities. She has been has been a compelling advocate for her clients and at the same time has always demonstrated respect for the law and legal precedents. Therefore, I was pleased to select, at the suggestion of the Employer’s counsel, Ms. Fujiwara to serve as an arbitrator in a complex labor arbitration.

The issues in the arbitration were difficult. Extensive testimony was required on both sides. I found Ms. Fujiwara’s demeanor professional. Her rulings on objections were well thought out and consistent with the procedure governing labor arbitrations. More impressively, she controlled the hearing without being over bearing or affecting the full presentation of evidence by both parties.

I was thoroughly impressed by her written decision which was legally sound and demonstrated that she considered the arguments made by both parties. Her arbitration decision showed that she had read the arbitration decisions cited by the parties, considered the application of these decisions to the facts and had carefully decided a very complex case.

I would select Ms. Fujiwara to arbitrate cases in then future and hope that this letter will convince whomever reads it that Ms. Fujiwara brings skill, temperament and judgment to the arbitration arena.

Please call me if you have any questions.

Very truly yours,


Century Square, Suite 1210 TPhone: (808) 538-1812

1188 Bishop Street Fax: (808) 599-4623

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

May 18, 2009

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